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Birthdate:Aug 20
Location:New York, United States of America
Character Name: Giselle
Series: Enchanted
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20s-Early 30s? No age is given in the movie that I know of.
Species: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: A tall and slender red head with hair that cascades down her back in delicate waves. Her eyes are a sparkling blue-green and very wide with innocence and a special blend of childish curiosity. She generally dresses in clothes she makes herself from whatever material is available and has a very 'wood nymph' appearance in her graceful movements. Her limbs are long and elegant which match with her graceful movements. Giselle is almost NEVER seen with any hint of a frown on her face at all though she has been known to pout...a lot.
Personality: Giselle is extremely friendly and has a very bubbly and happy personality. She wants to help others in any way that she can and this goes along with her kind hearted nature. Giselle also tends to be a bit TOO trusting of others which can often lead to the extreme of being gullible and easy to trick. Behind that happy exterior there is a fiery passion for being independent, perhaps stemming from her red head nature. She is a very hard worker and certainly likes to work with her hands whenever she can get a chance, especially when it comes to making clothes. Giselle is very much the dreamer, always singing or humming as she goes about her work dreaming of the day her prince will come and wishing with all her heart for true love. She is as sweet as cookies coated in frosting and rainbow sprinkles and can be just as cavity inducing.
Abilities: Giselle does not really HAVE any special powers...well that is unless you count the ability to cause others to spontaneously burst into song a power...or summoning animals through song. Alright, she has one...and upon entering Manhattan Giselle has limited summoning abilities and if she were to use them would probably only find a handful of rats or bugs coming to her call. As for making people burst into song she can't do that at all...let alone getting people to know the words. However if she hears someone ELSE signing she might be able to pick up THEIR toon quite easily.

Other than that she's a pretty normal woodland girl. She is good at climbing trees but has a habit of falling. Giselle is also very skilled in the art of cheering people up and loves making people happy. Another ability of Giselle's is her dressmaking, she can make clothes out of just about any cloth material that's around.
Weaknesses: As mentioned in her personality Giselle is VERY naive and trusting to a fault. She does not understand the concept of 'stranger danger' because in her world no one is a stranger just a friend she has not met yet. She has difficulty expressing negative emotions as well such as anger...she's not used to feeling that way so even when she is angry she may just smile and laugh it off. Sometimes her helping hand can get on people's nerves as well, especially since she doesn't understand when to 'stop' helping. Giselle may also come across as a bit TOO happy and cheerful at times and her dreamy nature means she's not very attached to reality at all.

History: Giselle was born in the magical fairy tale world of Andalasia, her parents died mysteriously when she was just a babe and so she was taken to a cottage in the middle of forest by the kind woodland animals who heard her sorrowful cries from inside her crib. These same woodland animals raised her with the occasional help from fairies and dwarves, Giselle naturally attracted many people even at a young age. She learned to cook, clean, and sing beautifully. As she entered her teenage years Giselle began to dream of something more than just being in the cottage in the woods...she wanted to meet her one true love, marry, and live happily ever after. Eventually her dreams revealed to her that her one true love was a prince and it became her goal every day to make a likeness of him out of whatever she or her animal friends could find in the woods.

Eventually a likeness was made and Giselle was very happy. Of course she had no idea that the very Prince from her dreams, Prince Edward, was in the woods that day and drawn by her song headed towards her. However before he could reach her Giselle's cottage was attacked by a rampaging troll who wished to eat her. Dear Giselle escaped but only barely and just as she was about to fall from a horrible height who should appear to rescue her but her Prince on his noble steed. It was love at first sight and the two instantly decided they would be wed the next day.

Giselle arrived at the castle in a wedding dress she and her woodland friends had made themselves. She was barely on time because they had just put the finishing touches on it that morning and as she ran towards the chapel she was caught by an old hag (who was really the evil queen in disguise). The old hag lured her towards a wishing well on the edge of the castle grounds telling her to make a wish before the special occasion. Giselle protested at first but finally gave in and leaning over closed her eyes and wished. However she leaned too far and the old hag, with a not so gentle nudge, pushed her over. Giselle tumbled down and down until she reached a strange space where she was then 'attacked' by shiny light.

Her world turned upside down literally and when Giselle awoke everything was very strange and real. She opened the covering of a sewer and stepped out onto the streets of Manhattan very lost and very confused...

This journal is for RP purposes ONLY. I do not believe I am this character and this character belongs to the movie Enchanted and thus Disney
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