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This is it. I got an address to his house. No relatives have come forward...but maybe they left when the monster attacked. We might be able to find something out when we go. I just feel this is something we should do.

Please, if you all will meet me on 6th street I would be very grateful.
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Harry has sent Giselle out with messages in cookies again. This time its the patrol schedule for those (I assume) who replied to Harry's journal about it.

So, if you're on this list, Giselle has given you a cookie with the information about patrolling.

The List )
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H-how awful. That poor, poor man.


Does anyone know if he has any family or friends? I-I think someone should go comfort them. I would like to...would anyone like to join me?
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My, my there has been so much excitement around the Strand lately. You know, if you listen to the noises coming from Chaos' room long enough it starts to sound like a melody. A very strange one, but there's certainly a joyful tone to it. I think she's happily at work.

I'm glad Harry and the others have been safely returned to us. I just wish I could have done more to help. I don't think I've been very helpful to anyone lately.

I hope everyone is doing well. Spin, there's something I'd like to talk to you about, if you have a moment.
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Oh, I hope this works. I've never really gotten the hang of these machines. I do hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day today and can share it with your loved ones, whether they be your friends, family, or even your one true love. So, I thought I might help set the mood for the day.

*deep breath, she begins to sing* ♪ ♪ ♪

I wish you all every happiness.

[microphone clicks off]
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Oh dear. D: This hasn't happened before.

Does that mean she was really a mother all along? I don't think there's much I can do to help, but if anyone has mild injuries or needs a new place to stay I am willing to help set up rooms here at the Strand.
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He's gone. 

I think I upset him.

Oh, I'm so sorry Wolf.
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:D I hope everyone is doing alright. The snow has stopped a bit but that doesn't mean that Christmas is not still approaching. To all the people I talked to earlier I was wondering how your searching for decorations was coming, any luck?

I was also curious as to where I might find a Christmas tree...a really big one. I'm not sure where we would put it but I think getting a big one and getting together to decorate it might be fun :o
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Oh...oh my goodness! It's snowing! Oh it's so wonderful that winter is finally here and the beautiful white snow is starting to blanket the buildings and streets. I do hope everyone is well prepared and warm. If you aren't please tell me, I have plenty of scarves, mittens, and hats made for this weather.

[music starts playing] This Music

♪ ♪ You wake to the silence
The bright afterglow
Now there's a surprise
For what do you know
It's snowing~
Look it's snowing~

Little Jack Frost has been
busy last night
The Island of Manhattan
Is a blanket of white
'cause it's snowing~
Yes it's snowing~

White Winter~ Wonderland
Beau~tiful Day
Snow- Snow- Snow- Snow
Snow- Snow- Snow- Snow

It's a beautiful world
It's a lovely day
Cherish this moment
Remember this day
'cause it's snowing~
Yes it's snowing

White Winter~ Wonderland
Beau~tiful Day
Snow- Snow- Snow- Snow
Snow- Snow- Snow- Snow

White Winter~ Wonderland
Beau~tiful Day
Snow- Snow- Snow- Snow
Snow- Snow- Snow- Snow

Please stay ♪ ♪

Simply lovely. Oh! But it does mean that I need to start getting ready. Christmas will be here before we know it and there's so much to do to make it a wonderful Christmas, something I'm sure we all need. Why, we'll need more snow of course, a Christmas tree, and candles, stockings and decorations of all sorts, carolers and bells, a huge party and presents! I do wonder if this place has those sorts of things :o

We should start decorating the city right away! I think it would do a lot to cheer people up to see Christmas decorations and know that that special time of year is quickly upon us. It's so magical. ♥ And of course for all of this I'll need LOTS of help. Would anyone like to get together and talk about what we can do? :D
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D: That poor whale. How awful it must have been to have just been swimming so happily and then...oh it's just too awful to think about. I hope everyone is okay...that was awfully close and a whale falling out of the sky could be very dangerous.
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Oh, it was so wonderful and I'd like to thank everyone for helping out and attending! The gifts were so lovely and I can't believe Wolf and I are finally together! I don't think we've stopped holding hands since we walked down the aisle 8D

Of course there was no white horse to ride off on...but you know the what was that word Wolf used...oh honeymoon was very exciting. Wolf taught me a different version of...hide and seek and we spent the whole weekend wrapped in each others arms and just enjoying our time together. It was so wonderful. ♥
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Well I think Wolf covered most of it in his post but there are a few loose ends to sort out, I do hope Flute will agree to be the flower girl and I already asked Miwako to be my Maid of Honor. Oh, I do hope everyone can come to the wedding because weddings are so happy and fun and I think everyone could really use that right now. Let's see, it'll be during the day so there's less fear of crabs and the location is The True Love Chapel on Bowery St (isn't that just perfect!)

I look forward to seeing you all at the reception afterwards as well. Nana, are you still willing to help with that because I'm really going to need all the help I can get since my animal friends aren't here to do so. Miwako and I are also already busy making the dresses. Oh and V I think it would be lovely if I could get some flowers from you. Actually, anyone who has something they'd like to do to help us please tell me! There's something for everyone to do at a wedding :o

Let's see...oh I feel like there's so much to do and I've forgotten what half of it is. Hee~ but I'm so happy though. Oh, Wolf, just think, soon we will be married and everything will be so wonderful. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Oh this is just so exciting and now there is so much to do before the wedding. I am so happy that Wolf and I can be together despite the monster, I enjoyed our dates but I'm glad Wolf wants to marry, oh it will be so wonderful to be with my one true love forever. *happy sigh*

I must get with Miwako soon about a lot of things and I do hope she'll help...I don't exactly have my woodland friends to help this time you know.

Dresses. Suits. A banquet...well...we may have to make due with not quite so much food for a banquet but there has to be a cake, right? There will be dancing of course afterwards and...*gasp*oh I wonder where is a good place to have a wedding here...

Oh I just haven't been this happy in so long I feel like singing again!

*sings a beautiful ball~ad*
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The weather is getting cooler everyday and I do enjoy looking at all the beautiful fall colors starting to appear on the trees...well...the few trees that are around I suppose :T.

I know this may sound odd but I would like to know what everyone's favorite colors are...I have a...project in mind that I think might really help to brighten everyone's spirits. ♥

Wolf, I'm still around Madison Square Garden helping the people if you need me I would love to see you again soon as well. I suppose soon I will need to start looking for a new place to stay...perhaps closer to a fabric store this time...that would be fun. I know a lot of people are out looking so if anyone sees something like that please let me know.
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D: The dresses are gone and I'm still worried about Kida...I haven't heard or seen her since she went on that exploration. Dear, this is just so worrying. At least Wolf is alright...he's helping Harry and some others find survivors from the attack. If anyone is worried about me please don't, I'm spending my time at Madison Square Garden helping the injured. I don't know a lot about any real medical training but a smile goes a long way, right? :) I know we can all pull through this if we think positively!

Speaking of thinking...uhm...I know it's a bit late now to start one but perhaps in the future we should consider starting some sort of vegetable or fruit garden...it would really come in handy in instances like this to help with a little fresh food. I had one at home but I've heard this place gets rather cold in the winter so I don't know how well it would work...plus there isn't as much greenery.

Just trying to help though! :o I hope everyone is doing alright and if you need a kind shoulder to lean on feel free to come find me...I'm always happy to listen.
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Oh goodness I haven't written about anything in so long! I guess it's no wonder really considering how busy I've been keeping. I like to stay busy after all...it keeps things from becoming boring, right? Still, a lot has happened that I have not written about and that is upsetting so I think I should correct that error. The question is where to begin...

I suppose with the fact that Wolf and I are together now ♥. Normally that would mean we were going to be married but according to Wolf it is custom to go through 'dates' first. I'm not going to complain though...these 'dates' have proved to be quite fun :D. We went to Dahlia's Tea Shop for our first one...her apple tea was very delicious and while Dahlia was looking a little unwell she was kind enough to let us enjoy her wonderful shop (I can't wait to go back). Wolf was as sweet as ever and I look forward to enjoying more of these dates with him. I decided to take Wolf's approach on the matter of dates and found a book about them...apparently there's such a thing as a 'double date' and I think it would be wonderful and very fun if someone wanted to come with me and Wolf on one :D!

Anyways, there's also the matter of the pool party. It was just as much fun as Goofy's party from a few months back :o maybe even more so because I helped clean the pool that everyone played in. I loved cleaning with everyone, especially when we sang together...it was like being home again and I'm very grateful that all of you joined in so willingly...even Riku :) (who has an excellent singing voice by the way). Of course the cleaning isn't everything and the party afterwards was very rewarding. I hope everyone had as great a time as I did :D!

Also, everyone who misses flowers should go visit V...he has a splendid garden---oh my...oh I hope that wasn't supposed to be a surprise for everyone else V :O. I'm sorry...it's too nice to keep in secret though...I can't wait to come back and see the flowers. They gave me new inspiration for making clothes...I have some designs I'd love for you to look at Miwako when you have time...winter will be here soon so we should probably start working with more long sleeves...what do you think?
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Oh there's just really no way of solving this! I have never ever in all my years come across such a dilemma as this and it's just tearing me apart. True love...it's supposed to be for just one person...there's just one special person for you, right? So what are you supposed to do when TWO people apparently love you? I've thought about it for days now and I just...I don't see how I can concievably take any sort of action without hurting someone and oh I do hate hurting people...in fact I don't think I've ever hurt anyone in my life.

Prince Edward finally came for me...we could wed and live happily ever after...or...well...there's Wolf who's so sweet and kind and we relate on so many levels...he's helped me so much in this strange land I just don't know where I'd be without him.

And I know he needs me too. Wolf needs me right now more than ever...I can just tell. And...I just can't forget that look on his face when I told him I didn't know...it was just so...so sad...I've never seen that look on someone's face directed towards ME before.

Oh! I STILL don't know what to do...
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You know it's going to be a bad day when you don't wake up singing. At least that's always been my motto...back in Andalasia I woke up singing every morning...this morning, oh, I didn't even want to get out of bed. It also sounds like a lot of the rest of you are pretty glum as well and under the weather. Well, you know what they say about a little sunshine during a rainstorm...a smile can make any poor day feel much better.

So, instead of letting my weariness get me down I'm just going to let it encourage me to smile brighter for all of you. In fact, I am going to march into that kitchen, find a song to sing, and bring happiness to as many of you as I can. Who would like a cookie to feel better or maybe you just need a hug?

I will be there soon! Please feel better soon everyone.
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Oh thank you so much Goofy for throwing that party I had such a wonderful time ♥ ♥ ♥. I especially enjoyed the wonderful songs...I would love to hear those again sometime. It seems everyone enjoyed the cookies I brought because before I knew it the basket was empty. :D If you didn't get a chance to sample any don't worry I plan on making some again very soon...the tube cookies are just too much fun and I don't have to worry about bad eggs or rotten milk.

It seems a few people are still down after the party though. It's really a shame. You all should really try to cheer up! I know it's hard being is such an awful place but you'd be surprised what a little positive thinking can do.

Now, let's see...oh yes...I just remembered. Ichigo mentioned something at the party that I've been curious about. He didn't seem to know much about it because when I asked him he didn't answer so I was wondering if perhaps any of you might be able to help me find out. What's a pedophile? I know it's not an animal...Ichigo knew that much...but he wouldn't tell me anything other than that. If anyone is willing to help I will be most grateful. ♥
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Oh. So much has happened since I last used this magic box that I don't even know where to begin. Let's see...oh yes :D for starters I've met so many wonderful new people over this box, not many in person, but I'm sure they're just as lovely face to face too. I did meet Wolf. We got off to a rather rough start but I think we've sorted everything out now. ♥ There's no problem too big for cake! ♥

I've made a few dresses for myself since wearing the wedding dress is a very bad idea around here. The place I'm staying at had a rather cute selection of shoes but they don't fit very well so I must find one of these shops that Wolf mentioned. This place is so huge though I have no idea where to start at all D: It is a very big dilemma...I would love to see the types of dresses they where here as well...I'm sure they're quite lovely, most dresses in large kingdoms like this are.

Well, it's been wonderful chatting with you again but I do believe my cookies are almost done.
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